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About Us

The George Johnston Museum is a honey-coloured, native log building located at Mile 804 on the Alaska Highway, in Teslin – two kilometres north of the Nisutlin Bay Bridge and identified by road signs, an array of red and blue roadside banners and a signature Wolf Head in the Tlingit art style sign. This painting identifies the moiety of George Johnston, after whom the museum is named.

Inside, 3,000 square feet of galleries are devoted to colourful exhibits, dioramas and artefacts honouring the lives of George Johnston, the Inland Tlingit and other Teslin Lake residents.

The museum has a small theatre, featuring films by and about the Tlingit people, a gift shop with unusual products that reflect local life, outdoor exhibits and summer programs. Staff offer insights on local history and exhibits. Follow the menu for a preview of exhibits.

The museum is owned and operated by a non-profit society of local history lovers and run by a volunteer Board and a qualified museologist Manager. Exhibits are to current professional standards.

Contact Us
Phone: 1-867-390-2550 (June 1st - August 30th)
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Fax: 1-867-390-8810
Visit us: Km. 1,294 (Mile 804) Alaska Highway, Teslin, Yukon
Write to us: PO Box 146, Teslin, Yukon, Y0A 1B0

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