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Tlingit Ceremonial Artifacts

The museum has a fine collection of Tlingit ceremonial clothing, drums, rattles and dance wands as well as a rare button blanket commissioned by the museum. There are beaded domestic items, carved bowls and spoons, stick gambling artefacts, and trade goods that passed from Russian hands to their coastal ancestors.

** Find out about the Tlingit moiety and clan system, their origins on the Alaska coast and their great trade routes. See the split tailed beaver and twinned salmon on beautiful ceremonial dance shirts.

Tlingit Tools

The museum has a small but artfully displayed collection of hunting and gathering tools of the Inland Tlingit including beaver spears and chains, rifle housed in beaded moose hide gun cases, knives and a skin boats. Other tools including hot stone cooking bowls, exquisitely woven baskets, pestle, hide sled and elaborate dog pack.

Find the models for early ski skins, and discover the advantages of a skin sled on steep slopes.

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